Everyone who represents Spartan Distributors has one trait in common. Outstanding customer service, and as a result satisfaction, is at our core. That’s why in a national customer satisfaction survey conducted by an independent researcher, Spartan consistently receives outstanding results. While that’s easy for us to say we are particularly honored and humbled by what our customers say.

“Whether it was irrigation or equipment parts, I can always count on Spartan Distributors to get me the part on the next day. During the 34 years that we have ordered parts I can count on one hand the number of times our order hasn’t been accurate. What sets the distributorship apart from any other I have dealt with is their striving for excellence, detail, and customer satisfaction. Over the years we have certainly had our share of questions and problems yet I have never been able to stymie the people at Spartan Distributors. Not only do they have knowledgeable personnel like Equipment Service Manager, John Garlets, or John Andrus in irrigation service, who answer anything I throw at them but they have also made it so much easier for me as a superintendent to learn from them by their seminars and hands-on training.

Indeed, other “colors” have showed their equipment to us and we have witnessed from them equipment that has arrived dirty, broken, nearly out of fuel, and one time with no oil!!, cutting units that were dull and/or set up at different heights of cut and with different bar attitudes. Once we even had to fabricate a wrench so that we could adjust a particular 5-plex fairway mower because the salesman wasn’t given one and thought he could just drop it off. Never once have any of those been the case when equipment arrives from Spartan Distributors. It has always arrived in perfect order, and ready to mow because they always ask the customer at what height we are cutting. I like that!

And yes, we have been bailed out a few times as well when a piece of equipment has broken down. A call to our salesman results in a “loaner” that he normally gets to us in short order while ours is being repaired. We have grown from 9 to 54 holes, and the amount of equipment we have is amazing. I don’t know of too many superintendents that can praise their equipment distributorship over the course of 34 years because they continue to improve with age, like a fine wine, but Spartan definitely fits this category.”

James Tollefson, CGCS
A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort
Kewadin, Michigan